In a world of right now, and its production of identic impersonal wines, Pico Cuadro as a handcraft winery represents a heroic gesture declaring its values in contrast to “just in time” Elaboration.

The commitment to a more painstaking and time-consuming way of working is also a commitment to creativity, talent and the time-honoured craftsmanship of the skilled hands that carry out the richness of our soils.

Our respect for winegrowers underlies each creative idea. From the very moment of selection of the grape by grape for a new vintage, we travel to the region where that raw material comes from and where it is worked by hand, using only natural processes.

This is how every Pico Cuadro wines comes to life, born of the love of skilled winegrowers. From this handcrafting of each vine emerge wines with values that endure and hark back to a more conscious and mindful consumption, one that yearns for an identity beyond endless replication.

Our feeling for the planet’s natural beauty can only be expressed truly through the adoption of methods of production that advocate respect for the environment and our surroundings.

Gradually, consciously and thoughtfully, at Pico Cuadro we have created over the years a business model of our own that is all about sustainability.

It is wines that are genuine, distinctive and perfect that acquire true beauty with the passage of time. The ageing process reveals the natural beauty of the noble wood barrels, imbuing each groove, with personality and character.

It is precisely this that makes each Pico Cuadro wines a piece unique: the way we value the richness added by time and love to every wine.


Equipo de Pico Cuadro

Since 2014 the winery is owned by Oscar Garrote, Diego Alvarez Gorosito, Felipe Castrillo and a group of Swedes in love with wine closely linked to the Ribera del Duero. Felipe Castrillo continues to be the oenologist and founding partner of the winery.

The project began in the 2005 harvest with the commitment to produce wines well differentiated by their origin. The work carried out with this objective throughout these years has led us to seek uniqueness in different areas of the appellation of origin. Right now we control a total of 19.5 hectares divided in 16 plots and 4 different geographical areas.