The project began in the fall of 2014 with a very clear idea: to unite in the same wine four plots selected for their uniqueness, from the municipalities of Gumiel de Mercado, Baños de Valdearados, Quintanilla de Arriba and Hontoria de Valdearados.

The uniqueness of the project lies in its marketing model, in the Bordeaux style of “advanced” sales or “premier” sales. The sales unit is a 225-litre barrel, or 300 0.75-litre bottles. The sale of each vintage is available from the time the wine enters the barrel, just after the harvest, until April or May of the following year. At this time, a sales contract is drawn up with the client in which the client can distribute the bottling between 0.75 and large format bottles (1.5 litres, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 litres), the customization of your label and the date of delivery to your home, usually towards the end of the same year.

The client can have his empty barrel if he wishes once the wine has been bottled and make up to 3 visits to the winery with a maximum of 6 companions, where he will find his personalized barrel with his name and will be able to taste his wine from the barrel itself.

In short, it is a wine made exclusively to reach the end customer directly, without intermediaries and to provide the opportunity to belong to an exclusive world, to which few people have access.

The advantages that the client obtains are very important, starting from being a totally exclusive wine due to its sales system, but without forgetting that we are talking about a Ribera del Duero of a very high level.


In the elaboration of this wine, we are basically only concerned with respecting the uniqueness of these grapes as much as possible and paying the utmost care and attention to every detail. From the harvest in small boxes, through destemming without crushing and controlling the fermentation at all times.

The fusion of four soils, four viticulturists and four stages of maturation, bring an incredible complexity to the final blend.

  • VARIETY: Tempranillo
  • ALCOHOL: 14,5%
  • HARVEST: Boxes 12 kilos
  • YIELD: 3000 – 4000 kg/Ha
  • AGING: 15 months
  • BARREL: French oak (new 70%)